"Conjectures and Refutations"

"Conjectures and Refutations"

Saturday, January 7, 2017

"Conjectures and Refutations"

I'll give credit where it's due and in this case might cede to the critic (hopefully only imaginary at this early stage) who takes exception to naming a blog after the distinguished philosopher of science who's stood the inductivist prejudice on its head. To do something like this assumes that (a) I'm a philosopher with an axe to grind and (b) that I'm well versed in the history of science. But, true to the Popperian impetus of my blog, I'm only going to say now that I'm really led solely by a spirit of rational inquiry and that assumptions, like the ones I've given, have to be tested. I'll take things on a case-by-case basis.

In short, this is not a blog about the great man nor one about his writings.

I'll make a defense of philosophy (and the turn it's taken in the postDerridean world) at some point and even of the legitimacy of competing accounts of the nature of reality. In any event a thinker like Popper who's said that avenues to Truth can be as diverse as the irrational, supra-rational or poetic wouldn't mind this appropriation of his name and the title of his most influential work. I certainly don't think he'd have minded either  a discussion not just of philosophic topics (which in his view are really only irrefutable and probably false) with the usual panoply of inferences and truth-statements : even literary and theological works are to be actively mined here for inconsistencies and misappropriations of sense.

I'll even admit that a blog like this may show a daring pretentiousness on the part of a somebody like me who's only had poetry to offer as a sort of 'intuitive' understanding of the world; who's only entitled to talk about what has been to this point a preoccupation with literary matters. But that, too, is disputable.

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